After weeks of uncertainty and tension, redeeming news has finally arrived today: Marnix can be treated in Chicago! 🙌🏻🙏🏻 As you know, we had initially set our hopes on a hospital in Boston. However, a week after returning home, Marnix received the disappointing news that he would not be able to go for treatment until April. A kick in the teeth.

Because every day counts, we contacted as many hospitals in the US as possible, who offer the ONC201 drug and where he might be treated sooner.

Some serious blood, sweat and tears went into it, but ultimately Northwestern Hospital wants to help Marnix in the very short term. He is already flying to Chicago at the end of this week, where treatment can start early next week.

Persevere! 💪🏼 On behalf of Marnix, thank you very much for your support and we will keep you all

informed ❤️

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