Intake at Boston

Dear everyone, thank you very much for all the kind words, donations, and other messages of support; these certainly do me good. I find it incredible, and heart-warming, how much attention the situation gets and how many people sympathise with us. Very odd from my point of view, but it feels really good

I get support and strength from reading all the messages. The number of messages from family, friends, colleagues, people I know and don’t know, and anonymous individuals are overwhelming.

Regrettably, I am deteriorating. I have less and less control over my movements, which means that I’m now in a wheelchair. Yes, terrible indeed, I cling to the hope, and that I can hang on long enough to get the medication.

Unfortunately, today I was told that I am not able to get the medication at this point in time. Because of the recent radiation treatment, and my current condition, now is too early to start taking the medication. Most likely I will have to be back here in Boston in 3 or 4 weeks time. I am heading back to my family now, and waiting out this time. I hope I can make it. It has been an enormous roller coaster from hope to fear, and back again.

We will keep going, thank you! ❤🙏

Marnix Landman

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