"Just a little better than last time..."

Dear people,

We're back again. Back in Chicago to pick up a new supply of ONC20. Unfortunately I cannot say that I am doing well, but that I am slowly taking a step in the right direction. I passed the doctors' tests just a little better than last time, even though I now feel less well than at home. This is due to the flight, I really suffer from it for a few days.

What helps is the free business class upgrade from @united, United Airlines, this makes the flight a bit more comfortable and I can at least sleep for a while.

Today we also compared the MRI scans of November 8, 2019, January 27, 2020 and March 05, 2020. And this looked good !! It's still a very disturbing picture with all the scary white spots you don't want to see, but the tumors and metastases haven't grown, and that's super positive!

In the month prior to using this drug, I had a massive decline and the tumors had grown and spread. So no longer since I started. This is very good news and in my view that means that the medicine does its job, it is after all a medicine against the mutation that causes tumor growth.

According to my doctor here at Northwestern Hospital, I might be one of those patients who have to come here every month for another year. Well, very much because that means that I will stick with it for a while. My doctor has 2 patients in whom this is the case. So let me be No. 3! 💪🏻 I was given medicine for 8 weeks this time, because of the Corona virus that can make traveling difficult, so I don't have to go to Chicago again until May.

So we continue with good cheer! When I am at home, now that the medicine is working, I start with physiotherapy. It is getting tough because my strength and coordination are very weak and bad and I cannot walk normally.

But I'll show everyone what kind of wood Marnix Landman is cut out of! 100% Dutch hardwood, indestructible!

Thank you very much for all the expressions of support❤️ It touches me!

Marnix Landman

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